sobota, 14. februar 2015

Talking about climbing ..

At the beginning of monuth I have been guest of two talk shows/interviews about climbing, life of an athlete, my view of climbing, achievements, ...

For both those events, I would like to thank for invitations to KŠK (klub študentov kranj) and PD Domžale (together with library Domžale).
Unfortunately, the events are already passed, but for all who missed it, couldn't come or just didn't know about it, it is still a chance to see it. About the content of the talk you can read here on this blog and here is a very nice link to the filmed version on you tube (unfortunately just in slovenian). Thanks to Borut Peršolja, the organizer and invitator of 'Gorniški vrčer Domžale' for this nice evening and memmories!

Training in January

I know I didn't post for quite a while, but it doesn't mean nothing was happening.
New aditional boulder wall in our national gym 'Verd' :D
Well, it is true, that after the competition season there are less things and events to write about. But still, it doesn't mean that there is less climbing.  It is even more! :) For all, who had been maybe wondering a bit, what I am doing at the moment I can give you a simple answer - training!

Sometimes alone with coach, sometimes together with other team members. With positive energy, good people, quality training and wall(s). I think this year we really found a perfect balance and the way to work! And it is pleasure to come back on training(s) every day! What it will brings, we will see. But I believe, it could be something good for all of us! :)

What I would also like to add and give thanks about at this place is, a great new additional boulder in our national gym. So, thanks to adidas outdoor and all volunteers (coaches) to put it together for us! :)

Till next time, have fun and climb strong! ;)
bye, mina

ponedeljek, 29. december 2014

Climbing in Catalunya, Oliana

This year I've decided, to spend part of my after competition break and training rest a bit different way. It's been quite a long time ago, that I've spent a proper amount of time with still some after-comp shape on rocks. 
Just after finishing with last national comp (PDK), I depart to Catalunya. The plan was, to stay for about  good 2 weeks, mostly in Oliana or places near it. The weather was not always really generous with us, but surrounded with good company, nice rocks and very good routes, it was possible to get motivated and climb even in those conditions.
The trip was definitely very successful and will stay in my memory for a long time. Quality days spend outdoors with people, who you love the most and things, which you like the most to do. Relaxing and inspiring.
All foto: Luka Fonda,
Mind control 8c+, Oliana
In those days I did 10 rotes 8b or harder, including Mind control 8c+ (3rd go), Fish eye 8c, Full equip 8c, El gran blau 8b+/8c, Gorillas en la niebla 8b+, 3 rotes 8b (2nd go), onsighted Humildes pa casa 8b+ and 3 other 8a+'s ... For none of those rotes I didn't need more than 5 tries, so all the 'projects' and 'hard stuff' still staid untuchable and will wait there for me for another trip :)
But, as everything, also this trip came to an end. Unfortunately. Time to go home and give your body and soul some proper rest. Also time, to spend with family and friends ... Very nice and value things too ...

But still, can't wait for new season & trainigs to start! :)


nedelja, 21. december 2014

After season

Foto: Luka Fonda
Season has passed by and I had time to sit down, relax, think and look back trough the year. I decied to share some highlits in pictures, followed by few words with you. I've been posting them also for few consequence days on facebook and instagram, but if you've missed it, here's an other chance to read them all together again!
Foto: Luka Fonda
#1: When you really want something, you think you do everything 'right' and as you should. Put in lots of energy, commitment and trying hard. But sometimes, what you get out, is not what you have expected. You're dissapointed and tired. You realize, that you need a change ...
#2: And than you decide to let your goals a bit behind, start to 'care' a bit less and 'free' yourself. You decide, your primar goal is to feel good, enjoy your life and things you do. You decide, to go back to your starts, when and why you've started climbing. Because you like it! <3
Foto: Roman Krajnik
#3: Soon, after I made a change in my head, I got the comfirmation from outside. I got a medal. Silver, my first in lead on worldchampionship ever and it meant tomeasa gold whenI got it. But, what is more important, I enjoy(ed) my ife, my climbing. I knew, I am on the right way and I want to do this ..
Foto: Worldcup Kranj - Stanko Gruden
#4: And at the end... When you come from the wall with smile like this, you know, this is what you really want to do.
Foto: the circuite climbing
#5: When competition season was over, I feet like I just don't wanna rest of climbing. I regred a bit, year has already almost passed away. But I didn't regred what was happening trought the year. I loved it, because I've learned a lot. I see, what all I can experience and just can't wait for an new start! :)

After all, I have took some days 'off' and went on a climbing trip to spain with super company and friends. It was - great!

petek, 05. december 2014

PDK - National lead&boulder cup weekend

As every year, also this time last competition stage in year were nationals in lead and boulder. Even, that all the 'main' events at that time are behind me, I enjoy this weekend of climbing and competing very much! It was also nice to met all climbers at one place for probbably last time in this year ...
All happening started already at friday's evening with boulder qualifications, followed by saturday's lead qualifications and finals, finished by spectacular boulder finals at sunday evening.
In lead, I managed to clipped the top of final route and it was really nice feeling to close up saeson that way. Alltogether, with 4 first places I got the national lead title again. All congradulations also to all younger climbers, who had shown great effort and climbing trought all year!
Also in bouldering I won this stage, with company of Julija Kruder and Katja Kadič on podium.
Thanks to AO Kranj for organized, once again, this great event ans show. More pictures, details, results and fotos, you can find on ther web-page here.
See you next yeat!

torek, 18. november 2014

WC in Kranj - perfect end of season!

I won't lose too much words. 
Foto: Luka Fonda
My biggest wish came true - I enjoyed climbing of every single route on this comp. Did my best at last comp and in front of my home crowd. It is almost undescribable feeling and just a perfect end of another good year.
foto: worldcupkranj

It was perfect, it was great! :)

Thanks everyone for support ...

CAC event

After national comp in Škofja Loka and before wc in Kranj there was an amazing event. It was organized by Slovenia climbing team with cooperation with CAC, organization, which donate and put his work into researches for cancer healing. The main person in this story is definitely it's founder, John Elison, an amazing and unbeliviable inspiring person. I was glad, to met him again.

Event was placed at national team gym and opened for all climbers. There were set around 35 boulders of differenr kinds, suitable for kids (started climbing earlier in afternoon) and older climbers (afternoon). It was followed with speach of John Elison and special show climbing of longer hard pre-set 'final' boulder of an invited climbers (5girls, 5 man).
Event was really nice visited and also the note, that special event t-shirts were tottaly sold out before finish of an event, talk for itself.
All day of climbing, music, talking and sharing positive energy made big impresion to me. Feelings and thoughts, collected trought this day will stay in my head for a while.

I was really happy, that I had an oportunity to be part of this event and support CAC!!!